Project Name: Development
Cost: $3,250 – $25,000
Recurring?: Perhaps, if successful.
Description: Innisfree has an urgent need to obtain independent sources of funding.   Even if those of our current projects that seek, in part, to create revenue streams (e.g., OPRA actions whereby Innisfree would retain attorneys’ fees) are successful in generating more revenue than they cost (which they have not so far), the IRS may ultimately require us to show a broad base of support from the community (i.e., excluding revenue from services rendered) in order to maintain our status as a public charity.

So far, we have not been successful in marshalling our resources to apply for grants, as to many of which Innisfree would make an excellent candidate. This must change in 2016. To that end, we are bringing in a new board member (Diane Magnuson) who has broad experience as a grant-writer, and who will oversee our grant-writing efforts, i.e., helping us choose the grants to apply for, and acting as a gate-keeper, giving final review to any submissions.

But we need someone to actually write the grant proposals. Innisfree volunteers have expressed a willingness to help, and staff have some limited availability to assist as well. But neither have the relevant experience or expertise.

We believe we can engage a part-time grant-writer at $25 per hour.   We also believe that, considering the power of Innisfree’s work and mission, this investment would more than repay Innisfree in grants received. But grant-writers cannot be paid on a contingency. So we are seeking a donation to get the ball rolling.

The cost range listed above is intended to indicate that any gift earmarked for this purpose could be put to good use. On the low end of the range, $3,250 would pay a grant-writer $25 an hour for ten hours a week, for thirteen weeks (i.e., one quarter), i.e., as a pilot. On the high end, $25,000 would pay a grant-writer $25 an hour for twenty hours a week for the entirety of 2016. Any contribution in this regard would be gratefully accepted.

Beneficiaries: Innisfree itself, and (indirectly) all of its constituents and beneficiaries.