Annual Fundraiser

Project Name: Annual Fundraiser
Cost: $5,000 – $10,000
Recurring?: Perhaps, depending on need.
Description: Innisfree has so far conducted no fundraisers in its life. Fundraisers serve two purposes. Not only do they (obviously) raise funds, but they also raise awareness of the organization and promote its mission to its supporters.   Perhaps this last could be described as “preaching to the choir.” But preaching to the choir has benefits, such as affirming the beliefs of the audience, that cannot be ignored.

Like the parent conference, the details of this event cannot be specifically laid out here. One possibility is a short play contest, perhaps on a special education theme.   An Innisfree supporter with a long history in the theater has offered to coordinate the solicitation of submissions and selection of winners, and we are confident that we can enlist someone to produce and direct a production of the winners. The event itself could then be a production of the plays with high-end nonprofessional actors (available in plenty in the Montclair area) with tickets sold at “benefit pricing” of $25 apiece.   Perhaps the opening and/or closing night would be a “Gala Performance” and bundled with a dinner at a substantially higher price. John’s experience in the theater would permit him to oversee the event to see that the artistic work is high quality, as well as sending forth a message that is consistent with Innisfree’s mission.

Other possibilities should be considered as well. And a contributor who provides the initial funding for this event should be given a say in threshold choices about its essential character, so long as it focuses on (i) raising money for the organization, and (ii) raising awareness of Innisfree and its mission in the local community.

But regardless of the nature of the event, we think that Innisfree should conduct at least one annual fundraiser. And we are seeking “seed money” to get it started in 2016.

Beneficiaries: Innisfree itself, and indirectly all of its constituents.